09 January 2008

There is money in boats

I read somewhere recently the US has something like 13 (or 17 or 30) trillion dollars in cash money floating around the world. Well I know where some of it is - in my boat. I am up to 27 cents and counting. At this rate the refit will pay for itself in a few thousand years, which is a very heartening factoid when you are up to your armpits in rotten plywood and 30 years of filth.

With time off for good behaviour (well I thought it was good) I have only managed a few days since Christmas, but lots of talking with friends and a good few beers under the waistband have helped the project. I have removed some saloon furniture in preparation for the creation of a mockup of the proposed new layout. I should be able to get that together in the next few days and send some photos out for comment.

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