12 November 2018


OK, so we didn't have the main up but we were doing 7 kts upwind.  Happy with that!

It floats and has done for a while

The boat left our house in 2016, off to a local (cheap) boatyard.  Then we sold the house and moved out at the end of March 2017.

We launched the day before Easter 2017, when Cyclone Cook was supposedly battering us silly.  Although it was a bit damp, we missed the storm and had a smooth launching.

We moved on board early May 2017, sorted the new dodger/hard top out and got many jobs ticked off.  You can see the bow fittings in this shot, taken just before we dropped the rig in.

Once the mast was in place we were able to get the table finished.  A single piece of Kauri!

We've even got a name!

The copper coat has been holding up well.  In summer I was diving on the prop to keep it clean.  When we left Auckland it was compulsory to have the boat hauled, so I took the opportunity to change the prop anode.

25 April 2016

Is that the time?

Movement has started again in Weta land.  For the last few years we have been busy with school and football, so we decided not to bother launching the boat as we had no time to use it.  Now that stage of our lives is coming to an end - our son has left school and we are beginning to see a path to the water.

Recent progress has been to get the Coppercoat applied to the bottom.  My friend Cedric came up to supervise, as he has done it before.  Another good mate, Mal, got dragged in to help as well, which was a good call.  It is a full-on day and we got cracking as soon as the dew dried off, finishing after dark.

Ready to start

First coat on the forward end, second coat under way

About to finish about the 4th coat?

Nearly done!
I have taken the opportunity to fit the propellor as well, so I can get the shoe fitted and epoxied over before winter brings rain and damp.

It is a 20" Autostream feathering propellor
The quadrant and autopilot ram are also in place, more pictures soon.

07 April 2012

Still here

My apologies to all the folk who have been checking back for updates and to see my beautiful boat out sailing.  Well I'm not there yet!  Shortly after my last post I managed to fall down the walkway hatch and damaged both shoulders.  This put me out of action for quite a while and only came right around Christmas, after a good dose of Cortisone allowed everything to free up a bit and removed the pain.  Then a month in England further slowed any progress, and of course the fun voucher stock running low has meant that I am back at work.  The boat won't be going in the water until I can afford to keep it there, but there are a few things that have been done.  When I have been busy I have been focused on the topsides, which have required a screed of epoxy bog and a sand with 40 grit.  The gelcoat was completely knackered and after a good heavy sand there were thousands of holes to fill.  Sanding is very tough work and I can only manage a couple of hours at a time.  Once the filler has cured, I wipe on sanding guide coat and then sand it all off.  The guide coat is really useful and it allows you to see any areas that need re-filling.

In the cockpit, I have installed the remote anchor windlass control, a manual bilge pump and the diesel system breather.

My mate Ian came down and we put the prop shaft in, aligned the engine and set up the dripless stern seal.

The galley has cleaned up nicely, just a bit of varnish work to finish off on the teak at deck level.

The steering pedestal is now in place, you can see the foam and glass plinth that the pedestal stands on, replacing the old lump of teak.  The grab rail is through-bolted from below and is nice and sturdy, as well as leakproof.