25 April 2016

Is that the time?

Movement has started again in Weta land.  For the last few years we have been busy with school and football, so we decided not to bother launching the boat as we had no time to use it.  Now that stage of our lives is coming to an end - our son has left school and we are beginning to see a path to the water.

Recent progress has been to get the Coppercoat applied to the bottom.  My friend Cedric came up to supervise, as he has done it before.  Another good mate, Mal, got dragged in to help as well, which was a good call.  It is a full-on day and we got cracking as soon as the dew dried off, finishing after dark.

Ready to start

First coat on the forward end, second coat under way

About to finish about the 4th coat?

Nearly done!
I have taken the opportunity to fit the propellor as well, so I can get the shoe fitted and epoxied over before winter brings rain and damp.

It is a 20" Autostream feathering propellor
The quadrant and autopilot ram are also in place, more pictures soon.

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Catherine VK4GH said...

I'm still here. Actually cleaning out old bookmarks and checked yours again. We waited for the kids to leave school too, and then next thing they had left home, and we actually didn't get back to the water until the last one had long gone and finished uni. Time marches on, but we are out here now and enjoying it. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.