15 January 2008

New saloon layout

So, the standing around and talking about it phase is almost finished and I will confess that it has been quite a challenge. I have run the new design past quite a few people and taken on board a lot of input, mostly favourable but some quite challenging viewpoints as well.
The not-so-great photo shows my scale drawing of the new layout. Effectively, the head moves aft and to starboard while the galley pushes forward. In front of the galley and head, a 2m settee berth on each side, forward to a bulkhead that is about 80 mm forward of the existing one (with the door to the forward cabin). The v-berth remains, moved slightly higher to provide more storage. The bulkhead at the front of the v-berth becomes watertight, with access to the self-draining chain locker through a deck hatch. The chart table faces outboard and the aft end is the existing bulkhead where the starboard fuel tank rests - ie. bye-bye to that silly little hanging locker which has aways irritated me!

The bulkhead at the forward end of the engine room will continue unbroken to the port side (I still can't work out why they have that kink in it...). The stove will face forward and I will fabricate a gimbal to accommodate this. This idea really appeals as it utilises the space which is so difficult to get to - outboard and aft of the present stove. There will be a double sink on the midships island and a dedicated (as in no locker lids) benchtop facing forward.

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