20 January 2011

Something is in sight...

But I'm not too sure what it is. Christmas was a time of celebration for some, for me it seemed to be time to sand the deck. Last week we finished that job and got some paint on, first 3 coats of undercoat sprayed on then 2 coats of top coat. We sprayed all 5 coats and added beads to the 2 top coats to give a non-skid finish over the entire area. It was pretty stressful as we had a couple of minor issues - on day two the spray gun we were using decided to detach from the paint can, while the compressor was overheating some days and fine on others. There's nothing like a crisis to ramp up the stress levels!

This week we have been bolting stuff on for the final time, all the hatches are on and most of the portlights. Grabrails, windlass, staysail stay fitting - it is exciting dusting all this shiny stainless steel off and admiring the finished product.  Inside the boat looks better with the trim rings around the portlights in place.  Woohoo!

The gas bottle locker in the aft deck is going to work really well I think, the lid fits and there is lots of room inside.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dean looking good! What colour is the deck, Hard to tell in the photo, is it an off white/cream?

Busy trying to get through the winter list....no panic yet but it is close!!!

Have you longboarded the hull yet?
Cheers Colin