27 February 2011

Getting there

There always seems so little to show for our efforts, it has been a struggle to get some pictures of anything worthwhile!  Oh well, maybe its a symptom of nearing completion...  This shot shows the newly installed window glass above the chart table and in the head.  After a couple of years with nothing but a hole there I am still getting surprised when trying to pass things through the window.

I resanded the vanity top and we repainted it, so that is now finished. Although I have fitted the tapware the fresh water plumbing is still to be done but first I have to visit the plumbing shop and buy another assortment of fittings, which in my experience will be all the wrong sizes....

The hard top for the dodger sitting roughly in place on its stands.  We had the tubes bent with the lower ends 50mm too long, so we could cut them down and get it all to fit correctly.  The cockpit teak has been sanded down and has received 1 coat of Uroxsys.  Once we have completed fitting the dodger top and painted the cockpit, I will give it another 5 coats of varnish.

All but one of the headliner panels are finished, I can't believe I was 2 metres of headliner material short. Hopefully I can still get the exact same material! This shows how it looks in the saloon with the headliner panel fitted.

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