23 September 2009

Spring is here

Another "OMG it's been nearly a month since I posted last"! I keep looking around for new things to write about and it is all a little uninspiring. We are very busy but the list of things to show is small. However, a number of items have been resolved, some finished and the end is definitely in sight! I rebuilt the back end of the boat shelter so we can access the transom area. The last section of the old cap rail has been removed, showing some large cracks in the join. If you look closely you will see a putty knife handle, the blade extends down into the fibreglass.

My fuel transfer system is basically complete, it should work...??!! I have since cut all the holes to allow hoses to pass through to the side tanks. It will look good I think.

This space just aft of the mast location will contain most of the pumps and seacocks associated with the head, sinks, watermaker and fresh water tanks. I get very frustrated with plumbing - why is everything a different size! My pile of spares is growing, as a result of visiting the plumbing shop nearly every day and buying the wrong stuff. I will be able to build another boat with what I have left over - on second thoughts there is no chance of that happening.

The steering flat is pretty much done, rudder stops have been fabricated and attached. Rudder line blocks have been bolted on for the last time (hopefully). I have worked out the exhaust run and await Bill's return from his Vanuatu delivery to finish that off.

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