21 January 2009

Back in business

After an excellent week away after Christmas, it was back to boat-rebuilding reality. We have had nearly 2 weeks of work and the galley/head floor is glued down, following many discussions with Bill and I regarding placement or pumps, wiring and plumbing conduits etc etc etc. I sealed the kauri steps and they are now assembled and are clamped in place. They still need to be electropolished and varnished, but we need them as we are getting close to ripping out the remaining "old" boat, in the aft cabin.

Bill has fitted the remaining chainplates, which like the others, are glassed right down to the floor and connect through to the sub-floor web. The boat should be a lot stiffer than before! He has strated to fit the next partial bulkhead, which ties down to the front of the holding tank, forming the aft side of the toilet compartment.

We have also cut out the double ports in the aft end of the coachroof, ready for some toughened glass. There was a lot of rot around the edges so we have been forced to build up the inside edge with some double bias cloth, to provide something to stick to.

My last couple of days have been spent drilling holes in the keel and pouring thinned epoxy into the gap between the glass and the concrete filler. This has been draining for the last 6 months or so and is a lot drier, so we are hoping the epoxy will cure and hold everything together. I wasn't going to bother with this but Bill convinced me, it certainly removes the hollowness from large portions of the keel. I set up this little rig and screw a brass nipple straight into the glass, works a treat!

Heres another shot of the main companionway steps, it is a departure from the usual Peterson steps! They will look good when they are all shiny.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great Dean. Don't forget to look where the aft head light wire run goes when you rip it out, or should that be have a spring clean before remodelling the aft cabin. Thanks colin. Ps will blog as soon as our marina wireless is fixed and have a prawn for us!