22 October 2008

The lids off the paint...

The main effort over the last couple of weeks has been the settee berths. We have made these wide enough to be comfortable bunks, about 700mm. This is 80-100mm wider than the old starboard settee berth and the few times I have tested them out, they seem excellent.

Up forrard I have been Interprotecting all surfaces prior to finishing with Perfection Undercoat. It is really stinky stuff and a good vapour mask is essential. If you don't have a fan going your eyes start watering! It is starting to feel more like a boat again, in parts, rather than a demolition site.

On deck, we have glued the fiberglass flat bar into the routed part of the bulwarks and I have been sealing holes by the dozen. Next on the program is adding a layer of filler on the top edge, sand it flat, rout a radius on the corners and fiberglass tape over it all. Can't say I am looking forward to the longboard!

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