18 November 2007

The start

The hull has been gel-planed and 3 mm was taken off. This was done a few months ago and it is quite noticeable how much drier the glass looks.

Another view

Last weekend I removed the caprail from the front half of the boat. Lots of the screws had rotted out so it was relatively simple to unscrew the remaining ones and prise the rail up. Interesting, one side was bedded on a silicon-type material, the other was on putty.

A couple of shots showing the hull with no cap rail. We probably won't replace it as it was.

A shot of the forepeak looking forward from the doorway. The white patches are the remains of the fiberglass strips that held the teak backing pads. The bulkhead at the aft end of the chain locker was completely rotten.

I have removed the teak trim and pulled the delaminated plywood off, removing the portlight in the process. The headlining material is covered by the teak trim, which is just screwed on and plugged.

Detail of the forward end of the coachroof. The remains of the plywood are visible, but you can see how that ply is glued over the packing plywood, which appears to be screwed on. I am trying not to go any further!

A view of the foredeck with windlass, bow roller, headstay and cap rails removed. I need to move some rubbish!

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