28 November 2007

More destruction

Over the last couple of days I have found that there appears to be a lack of connection between the forward bulkheads and the hull of the good ship Weta, above about 500mm from the waterline. Construction seems to have been that the headlining material was added before the bulkheads, as I needed to pull the plywood filler layer and the headlining material out from the gap between the bulkhead and the coachroof.
I have ripped out the forward head and found major rot in the plywood floors beneath the sink unit and the plinth the head sits on. You can see the fiberglass shelf that attaches the floors to the hull, unfortunately the floors themselves have gone missing in action. Who knows what was holding it all together for our trip home, although this does allow me to understand how I could shorten the backstay by 100mm and still not be able to get decent rig tension!

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