08 May 2010

We've been scuppered!

So, Bill has started on the gas locker and very exciting that is too. We will build the surround from foam and glass, the lid will be 12mm ply, glassed over for strength and hopefully stability. I have not had any experience with building with foam but it seems quite good, at least Bill makes it look easy!

Otherwise, when not in bed recovering from the early winter round of flu, I have been punishing myself with plumbing in the generator and main engine. I took this photo a few days ago, every day I try and get something added, although by the time I have a) worked out what I need to do, b) shopped for the parts and c) taken them all back at least once and got the right size, progress can be a little uneven.

The scuppers are all in and glassed, not a major job but interrupted by Christmas so it is great to have them all finished off. They look excellent and will look perfect when painted. Bill also tidied up the 2 original ones as they had not been done that well - who would have thought!

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Colin said...

Hey Dean, greetings from Denmark, scuppers look good. They're on my project list the deck drains are pants for clearing water off the deck. Some more photos of them would be great to give me ideas as to where you cut them in. Also the previous blog....where on the boat is the starter battery/fridge com pressor. Nichola nad I have been 'discussing' the location!
fair winds.
Colin and Nichola
PS great job on the boat so far!