23 February 2010


Just like waiting for a wind in the horse latitudes I have been waiting for fair breezes of chance to blow our way. My fantastic boatbuilder Bill was stricken with a melanoma before Christmas and is still recovering from the op. I have been muddling along but I am pretty disappointed with progress. Once I recovered from sanding the coachroof I have been trying to focus on getting the engine in. Fitting the through hulls was a job I kept putting off again and again, hoping that Bill would be able to supervise. In the end I just did it, time will tell if I have done a good enough job.

This photo shows another angle of the engine room with forward to the right of the shot. The seacocks are: cockpit drains port and starboard, generator inlet, main engine inlet. The waterlift muffler is just sitting there at present, I will screw it down later.

This is the "pump space" under the floor between the head and galley. Looking aft, the seacock on the right is the galley sink drain, while the two on the left side of the photo are head outlet and a combined head sink drain and head inlet. The idea of combining the head sink drain with the toilet inlet may not work - the head inlet may suck air from the sink drain, but I will stick another through hull in if it doesn't. I am hoping that it will be ok as it will allow me to periodically flush the toilet system through with fresh water (and any chemicals) by just turning off the seacock and filling the basin with water. Hopefully that might avoid that "boat smell".


Colin said...

Hey Dean, good to see the progress report, and we wish Bill all the best and a speedy recovery.

Remember that slow progress is still progress!!! We've got 4 weeks left before we have to get out of dodge....... eeek! I've been trying to install the holding tank and associated pipework, a pig of a job. At the same time I'm installing a sterling power advanced regulator, and Nichola is designing a shelving modification to the aft hanging locker, so the boat is in chaos!!!! I'm sure it'll all come good in the end, otherwise we may run west to drop the hook in chicester to get ourselves sorted before heading east to the baltic.
keep up the good work

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