21 December 2009

What, not Christmas already?

I need more time!!! Bill has been working on another job for a bit and I have been holding off posting because there never seems enough to write about... Anyway, yet another year slips by and what are we up to? When is the boat ready? A recurring theme that I think about when I sit down to write is that stuff has been finished but there is nothing to show for it - well, the good news is that some stuff is finished and does not have to be removed again. This mass of piping is the fuel transfer system, located in the locker under the stairs. The actual pump sits in the engine room, you can see the pipework disappearing through the bulkhead to port.

Engine room doors are finished and painted. They are on lift-off hinges so will remain off until we are ready to close the door on the engine room - a little way off I think. The configuration is a double bi-fold door, so the center 2 sections fold back against the outer doors, which can also be opened to allow access. Any time serious work needs doing, we will lift the doors off and move them out of the way.

A few more finishing touches are appearing, here is the sliding door that covers the starboard side hanging locker in the aft cabin. Bill worked out some nice touches with some plastic sheet so when open or closed it will not flop sideways as we roll.

I installed the main gas line from the gas locker aft, right through to the engine room forward bulkhead. I used some proper rigid gas line so it should last quite a while. Terrostat was used to goo it up into the hull-deck join.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dean
Nice blogg and the boat looks good
Got some phothos from the race last
nite on my blogg / Torkel