27 June 2009


Things have been pretty cold recently, I did contemplate wearing shoes one day. It has just warmed a little and the keel attracted so much condensation the water was running down it. Sanding the bottom is progressing steadily with me doing a little each week.

The rudder has been fabricated and is now ready to add the foam and glass. There has been much discussion but I hope that we have made it strong enough. I did not dismantle the old one to see how that was constructed so we did a little guesswork, erring on the more substantial side.

Interior work has been focussed on finishing touches. This shot shows the forepeak hatch surrounds and the Kauri trim, which will separate the headliner from the coachroof sides.

The galley is finally all together and is now awaiting my varnish brush to fill in the gaps.

The headliner trim in the head and above the chart table. It is pretty near straight!

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