21 March 2009


It has been one of those periods where time seems to slow down, with seemingly little progress. We have finally finished the glassing of the hull, after waiting for unseasonal weather to move on. As we have decided to build a new rudder, I realised that I needed to buy the new propeller, so we can design the rudder around it. After getting recommendations from most of the leading manufacturers, the consensus was a 20 x 15" 3 bladed feathering prop. With the requirement for 20% of diameter as tip clearance, I needed to grind more of the aperture out to give 24", or 12" on each side of the stern tube. It was a surprisingly easy job and gave us another opportunity to admire the craftsmanship of the original builders (not!).

Inside the boat the head has been progressing well. This shot shows the painted area prior to final fitting of the front panel.

Then the vanity unit was attached and the inboard bulkhead was glued in place. I have been painting after work and in the weekends to try and keep ahead of Bill. The paint (InterProtect) is pretty smelly so we try not to work around it as it dries.

We have worked out the dimensions and position for the chart table, and Bill has fitted the first part - the top. We should be able to use full-sized charts, folded, which is ideal I think. The boat is beginning to lose that "large" feel!

The aft cabin is ready for grinding, which I will do when Bill has a couple of weeks on another job soon. Then one last bulkhead out and there will be no old boat left! Can't wait.

A little purchase last weekend, a rowing/sailing dinghy. Haven't had a chance to float it myself yet, maybe tomorrow. We will probably work out a system to attach a 2hp as well. I also need to get it up onto the boat somehow to ensure it fits on deck!

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