03 December 2008

December already?

We lost a week recently as the weather turned good - too nice to work on the boat after a wet cold winter. So, not as much visible progress as one would like but you have to remain positive and keep chipping away at the coalface. The tanks and battery storage area under the galley/head floor is coming along. I made the comment to Bill recently that the first bit - cutting out the ply, goes really quick and unfortunately always make you feel it is nearly finished. However, then the real work starts, glueing, glassing and fitting the cleats for the floor.

Tonight I tested the new cockpit plan by standing the binnacle in place. I think it will be great, we have moved it back so there is room for one person aft of the wheel, which of course means that the area in front of the wheel now feels like a dancefloor!

I can sit on the aft hatch and reach the wheel, a great improvement. It will also mean that when we are standing looking forward over the top of the dodger, people can get past you to the other side of the boat.

Up front I have been plugging away, pouring heaps of epoxy into the voids that existed between the top and bottom skin. I have begun to sand the deck, it is very exciting! Did I mention I can hardly stand up?

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