09 September 2008

Spring is coming

With the expected delivery trip from Brisbane to the Seychelles now not happening (a long story), it is now a little easier to get stuck into the job. Main construction work in the forepeak is now finished - finishing and lining yet to do - and our attention is now focused in the saloon area. The next step is constuction of the water tanks, which will be glassd into the hull beneath the floor. We have already covered the top of the keel and the relevant bilge area with several layers of chopped strand mat and vinylester in preparation for this and here you can see Bill has cut out the ply in readiness for glassing in. Yes we have remembered to cut holes out of the baffles!

This shot shows the starboard shelf above the v-berth. It serves to strengthen the panel (quite a large flat surface) as well as provide a little storage.

We have also been busy cutting out holes for the additional deck hatches and portlights. There are two small hatches on top, above the galley and the relocated head, and a portlight on each side of the companionway.

Portlight surrounds are nearly complete, the next step will be to cut the flange down to size and then they will be ready to attach. I have a portlight sitting in place so we can work out how much flange to remove.

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